Lorena Álvarez celebrated two months of marriage with Álvaro Sarria

HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest from ‘Chollywood’… The host LORENA ALVAREZ she celebrated two months of marriage with her husband ALVARO SARRIA and said that they have already chosen the destination for their honeymoon. Advantage!…

Nicola Porcella is back in Peru and took the opportunity to get together with FACUNDO GONZALEZ and the ZUPE ‘FOX’, with whom he was on a grill. How scary… By the way, NATALIE VERTICE Y YACO ESKENAZI They celebrated the first birthday of their second son, Leo. Congratulations…

Rosangela Espinoza He had a tremendous scare because when he was driving his car, a motorized vehicle crossed him and if he did not stop, a tragedy could have occurred. He asuuu… JANICK FLOWERPOT, launched as a singer and has just recorded a song that is hitting social networks. Nooo… We are fugue because my sweetheart is ready to give me his warmth… Suuuaaa-veee.

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