Lorena Álvarez denounces that the Judiciary declared the process prescribed against her ex-partner Juan Mendoza

The journalist Lorena Álvarez lamented that the Second Liquidating Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima has declared the criminal action prescribed for the complaint of aggression that she filed years ago against her ex-partner, the Economist Juan Mendoza.


Through her Twitter account, the host of the Latina newscast explained that the Public Ministry and the defense of John Mendoza “coincided” in which the case had to prescribe because the maximum sentence that the accused could receive was 3 years and 5 years had already passed since the complaint, despite the fact that there was a ruling in the first instance, of November 2021, against the economist of 1 year and 8 months in prison suspended for the crime of minor injuries.

Despite the conviction in the first instance for minor injuries (11/2021), on appeal, both the Prosecutor’s Office, who “defended” me, and the accused agreed, incredibly, that the maximum sentence being small (3 years) and having passed 5, he had to prescribe“, accurate.

Due to the slowness of the justice system, with a pandemic that paralyzed everything, and since the crime for which they accused “is worth so little”, it makes no sense to ratify a conviction. My lawyer, as a civil party, was ignored. In the end, the 3 judges ruled in favor of the aggressor“, he pointed Lorraine Alvarez on his Twitter account.

Do not confuse. No one has exonerated my assailant or found him innocent. He is a sentenced with prescribed action. But it does end up being outrageous, embarrassing and re-victimizing for me that the priority is to clear the background of the aggressor without having been there before repairing the victim”, he added.

Aftermath in Lorena Álvarez

The Latina journalist indicated that the case of aggression she suffered from John Mendoza It has left him, since 2017, as a sequel to post-traumatic stress and that this has increased with the judicial process.

We lose women. Justice confirmed that if you are not dead or disfigured, the system will not fight for you. They validated the statistic that explains that one of the reasons why women do not report is because their aggression ‘did not merit going to the police station‘” he said.


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