Los Olivos: Mamita sold fish and with the arrival of her baby she decided to open her restaurant

Julia Tello Mendoza (37) was the queen in the sale of fish and shellfish, But the arrival of his last daughter made him think that it was time to have a prudent work schedule. This is how he opened his restaurant D ‘Julia Fish, in Los Olivos.

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For 15 years I worked selling fish and was always away from home. It started at 2 in the morning and ended when I no longer had merchandise. So, I decided to invest my money in a restaurant and I opened it. At first I hired a chef, but then I took a cooking course”Says Tello.

His business differs because all his dishes are prepared with fish of the day, in addition, for the purchase of any à la carte dish he offers a courtesy of leche de tigre, chilcano or causa.

I always look for my clients to be happy and well cared for. One of the most requested dishes is the tacu tacu a lo macho, which has swordfish fillet and spicy seafood sauce”, She says proudly.

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In Cevichería – Restaurante D ‘Julia Fish you will find 10 varieties of marine trios. They are open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Avenida Palmeras 4208, Los Olivos. They deliver, only on weekends, at 920 373 160. Find them on Facebook with the same name.

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Learn about the history of ‘Cebichería Puerto Tumbes’. (Photo: Trome)

29 years ago, Pilar Salas Osorio (51) showed that dreams can come true by opening her restaurant ‘Cebichería Puerto Tumbes’, in Comas.Since I was 17 I dreamed of having my restaurant. To achieve this I worked as a kitchen assistant in a local. I saved my money and even though my husband was afraid, I took a risk ”, she proudly recalls.

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Salas confesses that before he was dedicated to cooking, cleaning and even serving; However, over the years and the success of his business, he now dedicates himself to just managing and making sure all customers are well cared for so they keep coming back.

“Everything was going very well until the pandemic hit. For a moment I thought I was going to close my business, I was very sad. But I entered the Arca Continental Lindley Restaurant School and they trained me. I learned about the delivery service through Rappi and that’s how I built my restaurant ”, he details.


On ‘Cebichería Puerto Tumbes’ you can enjoy garlic prawns, chorrillana fish, cebiches, stretchers, sudados and more. Everything is prepared instantly and with good quality supplies.

Find them on Facebook with the same name. They deliver to all of North Lima.

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