Los Tilos beat San Luis in one of the classics of La Plata rugby

Los Tilos beat San Luis 21-12 in a match for the eighth date of the URBA TOP 13, in what was the 47th confrontation between the neighboring institutions.

In the first part, the Marist team prevailed 7-6, in a tight and close game, and framed in a large audience with encouragement from the two fans, which gave color to the day.

The parity trend was maintained until midway through the second stage, when Los Tilos took advantage of the numerical advantage due to the expulsion of a player from San Luis. He managed to move to the front and stretch the advantage over the end.

At the start of this stage Franco Gnecco he scores another try and stretched the lead 12-6 in favor of Marista. Just a handful of minutes later, Manuel Tuculet he scores from a penalty kick to narrow the difference to 12-9. Following this, the locals scored a new try to turn it around and leave the partial 16-12 in favor of Los Tilos. At the end, the locals found a new try and went 21-12 away. Result that was maintained until the end.

The teams reached this instance with the precedent of 2021, which went to Los Tilos and cut a negative streak of 18 years without being able to beat their rival.

This time the Cup was at stake Alberto Gomez Cabrerathe missing former coach of both institutions who was a great reference in local sports. And the Fair Play award was established by 0221.com.ar.


the lime trees: Manuel Puertas, Iván Korenblit (C) and Lisandro Dipierri; Maximiliano Alonso and Felipe Bares; Manuel Krause, Joaquín Coria and Bautista Gatti; Homero Picone and Francisco Liva; Nicolás Fernández, Tomás Fernández, Bautista Azcárate, Nicolás Korenblit and Manuel Tuculet. Int: Nicolas Martinez.

saint Louis: Alan Oubiña (C), Santiago Bonavento and Exequiel Martínez; Santiago Canal and Lahuen Argemi; Nahuel Curti, Felipe Piatti and Franco Gnecco; Manuel Sánchez Merlo and Segundo Blanco Fresco; Facundo Cúcolo, Rodrigo Molina Ferrer, Facundo Gibert, Eduardo Ruesta and Valentino Quattrochi. Int.: Agustín Notti and Santiago Ferrara. Referee: Paul Houghton.

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