Los Viza: The unstoppable trio that is causing a stir on TikTok


Who does not remember the famous ‘baptized’ (footsteps) every time you bought new shoes? The brothers Jair (27) and Junior Machón (30) know this very well old time joke because they do it every time one of them teaches something new. Along with Thiago, son of Jair, they make up a trio that is breaking schemes and making more than one laugh, known in TikTok as ‘The Viza’. They don’t miss a scandal local celebrity to generate content and parody them on this social network.

Between funny scenes, they have won the hearts and respect of their entire audience on the different platforms they manage (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok). Only on TikTok they have more than 303 thousand followers, who do not hesitate to congratulate the talent of the three ‘machones’, as their fans also call them.

“All this is very funny because believe it or not, my brother and I have been part of the Peruvian Army Technical School, so we should be serious, right?”Junior comments between laughs.

Dad, son and brother make her cute on TikTok.

But this family is not only united by comedy, but also by love for their own. “With my brother until death. We are a united family. Whether at work, in sports, in our free time, we are always together”says Jair.

However, in all this time entertaining thousands of Peruvians, the one who takes the laurels is Thiago, 11 years old. Although she has not studied in any acting workshop, his talent and mischief to play along with his father and his uncle are undeniable. “I think we are the only ones doing this kind of comedy on TikTok. We have a different humor, our familiar touch”Junior adds.

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TikTok: Meet the dance teacher who teaches cardio dance

During the pandemic, Yoshe Rebatta realized that many people needed motivation to be physically active at home. Since TikTok was in fashion, he came up with the idea of ​​making videos dancing reggaeton and inviting people to ‘move’.

His endless energy, charisma, and the simplicity of his aerobic routines have so far earned him 168,000 followers on TikTok.
His endless energy, charisma, and the simplicity of his aerobic routines have so far earned him 168,000 followers on TikTok.

‘She likes gasoline…give me more gasoline…’ To the rhythm of one of the most emblematic songs of reggaeton daddy yankee, Yoshe Rebatta teaches cardio dance (discipline that fuses dance with physical activities) through TikTok. His endless energy, charisma and the simplicity of his aerobic routines have so far earned him 168 thousand followers on this famous social network.

“I have been a dance teacher for seven years, I taught urban genre, but now I dedicate myself to doing cardio dance. During the pandemic I realized that many people needed a motivation to do physical activity at home. Since TikTok was in fashion, it occurred to me to make videos dancing reggaeton and inviting people to ‘move’, enjoy the music and lose weight”says this 28-year-old girl, who also does functional training with things we have at home, like a chair.

She inherited her talent from her mother, who was also a dance teacher. “Since I had no one to leave me with, my mother took me to her classes from a very young age. There I saw her routines and how passionate she was about dance. It was my inspiration to see her, so when I grew up, I already knew what I wanted to do in my life. Now I am super happy because I know that my followers have fun with my videos and I also help them lead a healthier lifestyle”, says Yoshe.

This enthusiastic dancer improves her content every day so that more people follow her on TikTok (@yoshe.rebatta) and also subscribe to her YouTube channel (). “TikTok has become a window to show what I do,” she says.


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