Loss of vision: Recognize an eye attack: You must pay attention to these symptoms

Suddenly the eyesight is gone: an eye attack comes as a surprise. How to recognize vision loss, treat it and what it means.

In a short moment a eye infarction change everything if you don’t treat it in time. An ocular infarction is an acute circulatory disorder in the eye. Similar to the so-called sudden hearing loss in the ear, this also affects the eye visual loss the speech.

Physicians speak specifically of an “anterior ischemic optic neuropathy”, or AION for short. Ischemia generally means the reduced one blood flow. Similar to a heart attack or sudden hearing loss, the tissue is no longer supplied with sufficient blood due to a blockage or narrowing of the blood vessels.

In an eye attack, the optic nerve or retina is affected. If one of the two is no longer sufficient with blood supplied, there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients. That can lead to the visual performance decreases. Over a longer period of time, the tissue can even die off permanently.

Eye Infarction: What Symptoms Should I Look Out For?

Physicians look at one eye infarction as an emergency, because it is important to avoid long-term damage such as blindness. Those affected should see a doctor as soon as possible. One is life-threatening eye infarction though not.

Notice in most cases Affected an ocular infarction a sudden onset visual disturbance. This can manifest itself in blurred vision. Black dots or shadows can be noticed in the field of vision.

The environment can not notice anything, because pure externally the eyes of those affected look normal. Pain does not occur with an ocular infarction. As a rule, only one of the two eyes is affected by the visual loss. However, this emergency often goes completely unnoticed.

How is the eye attack treated?

The specific consequences depend on how severe the circulatory disorder was in the eye. In severe cases, restoring the original eyesight sometimes not completely possible again.

Doctors primarily ensure that the blood circulation in the eye works normally again and that swelling goes down. Patients often do this blood thinner medication prescribed. Blood thinners prevent further heart attacks in the body, not just in the eye. AION sufferers have an increased risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

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