Lost Ark kicks off Fall with a new high-tech class

Lost Ark introduces another new class in September. The machinist brings a gunner with high-tech weapons and drones to the MMORPG.

On September 28, 2022, the machinist throws himself into the fray. He has a large arsenal of high-tech machine guns, laser weapons and drones that use their precise technology to hunt down enemies.

Overall, the machinist is the fifth gunner class and, in addition to the gunman, art gunner, artilleryman and sniper, offers skills that could almost come from a science fiction film.

Here’s the Machinist coming to Lost Ark at the end of September.

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The drone deals damage from afar, and the identity ability wraps the machinist in cutting-edge technology – a bit like Iron Man. With this suit, the machinist can use so-called sync skills, which allow him particularly strong attacks. Such as a laser blade or teleportation attacks.

On the official site from Lost Ark the machinist is presented in detail. There you can see all the individual abilities as well as the class engravings.

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