Loto results: the draw for this Saturday, August 6, 2022

The lotto put into play a jackpot of 4 million euros this Saturday, August 6. If you thought about trying your luck but missed the draw, Tele-Leisure offers you a catch-up session.

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In this weekend of crossovers between the Julyists and the Aoutiens, Bison Futé saw red, and even black this Saturday! The roads of France are overloaded. Don’t want to drive? And why not treat yourself to a vacation away from the heat and traffic jams? Problem: your finances do not allow you to leave… With the jackpot of 4 million euros put into play this Saturday, August 6, all dreams are allowed! Prepare your valid with a bank account filled to the brim, and come and take your mind off it. But to do this, you still need to have filled in a grid. If this is your case, take your Lotto slip to find out if you have ticked the right numbers…

The winning combination

Do you have your validated ticket at hand, but missed the announcement of the results? Don’t panic, we watched it for you and we offer you a little catch-up session. This evening, it was Elsa Fayer who announced the results of the Loto draw for Saturday July 9 at 8:45 p.m. on TF1. And the winning combination is: 37the 28the 23the 38the 06 and the lucky number, the 01. So, did you bet correctly and hit the coveted €4 million jackpot?

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Has the Lotto made a new millionaire tonight?

Unfortunately, there were no big winners in tonight’s draw. On the other hand, good news: ten players may have won 20,000 euros each thanks to the Loto code on their ballot. Be sure to check it out if you are one of them! If you checked the second draw option, you also had another chance to win the jackpot, with the possibility of pocketing 100,000 euros. This time, the correct numbers for this Saturday, August 6 are: 38, the 02the 44the 29 and the 21. To your tickets! Still not the lucky one? Too bad, but know that you can try your luck again very soon, with a jackpot that will continue to climb!

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