Lots of greenery and modern learning spaces: the winning design for a comprehensive school in Krampnitz has been decided

Lots of green, transparent construction and multifunctional learning rooms: This is what the winning design for the new comprehensive school in Krampnitz looks like, which is scheduled to open for the 2027/28 school year. “As the school management, we are very pleased that the ideas that we developed together with parents, students and the staff in the planning phase zero were incorporated into the competition,” said the deputy headmistress of the Schule am Schloss Potsdam, Christina Rump, on Wednesday at the presentation of the winning design. In the future, the school is to move to the new building, where there will be space for 900 students.

The day before, a committee made up of representatives from the city administration, the Potsdam development agency, the school management and external experts had discussed the 15 drafts submitted. “We weren’t very enthusiastic about the visualization of the winning design at first,” said Potsdam’s Education Councilor Noosha Aubel (independent). “But the pedagogical concept was convincing.”

Pupils were able to submit their wishes in advance

In fact, the design by the Berlin architectural offices “Kersten Kopp Architekten” and “Capattistaubach urbane Landschaften” looks rather unspectacular: a rectangular floor plan with four floors, with the two upper floors offset in a chessboard pattern, resulting in balcony-like open spaces. Common rooms such as the canteen and auditorium are located in the basement, while the rooms above are multifunctional and can be changed in size. This was exactly what the school wanted: “The function of the rooms is not yet fully defined, but rather dynamic and lively,” praised Rump.

The students who were involved in the planning also liked the design: “It looks good and modern, I like that,” said 15-year-old Emma Marie Lienert. “It is clearly laid out and not so winding.” 13-year-old Elmar Lorenz praised the design of the environment: “There is a lot of greenery and many trees.”

Award for one of the three designs only in spring

However, it is not yet clear whether the winning design will also be built: “All designs were of high architectural quality,” said Potsdam’s building officer Bernd Rubelt (independent). “The three first places that we have awarded are therefore not yet an award – but a ranking.” The development agency wants to decide on a design by spring 2023, with costs and ecological factors playing a role, among other things.

All of the designs were of high architectural quality, according to Bernd Rubelt, the Potsdam building officer (independent).
All of the designs were of high architectural quality, according to Bernd Rubelt, the Potsdam building officer (independent).
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The second-placed design has an irregular floor plan with cloverleaf-like cuts: Rubelt praised the design, which blends into the landscape, but saw the wasteful use of space as negative points. The third-placed design was impressive on the outside with a stair-like rise in the building, but had to make compromises in terms of the transparency of the interior spaces.

The start of construction is planned for autumn 2024, the costs will be around 50 million euros – a proud sum, which is not only intended for the comprehensive school with upper secondary school level, but also for a youth leisure facility, a four-field sports hall, an athletics sports field, a natural grass field and small playing fields . They should all be usable for club sports. Development agency managing director Bert Nicke pointed out that the funds for the construction project would be obtained from the sale of the land in Krampnitz, among other things.

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