Lotta Engberg leaves TV4 – anger towards Bingolotto after the decision

Lotta Engberg's setback - anger towards Bingolotto after the decision

Big changes are coming!

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Lotta Engberg is super used to leading us through the Bingolotto evenings. It is difficult to see anyone else leading the program that is broadcast on Sunday evenings on TV4.

After the summer break from the Bingolotto studio, she is back. It’s over with sing-alongs and full focus on bingo games.

Now, however, the seasoned presenter has to count on major changes. It is no longer as it has always been.

Bingolotto’s latest decision affects several TV viewers, something that upsets many at home.

Lotta and the gang will broadcast Bingolotto from another channel starting at the turn of the year, more precisely January 7, 2023.

It is therefore a move of channel and time that will occur. Bingolotto has previously been broadcast on TV4 on Sunday evenings. Now viewers will have to zap over to Seven. There, Bingolotto will be broadcast on Saturday evenings instead.

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Creates strong reactions – TV viewers are disappointed

The decision made by Bingolotto and TV4 is not welcomed by everyone.

On Aftonbladet’s Facebook page completely it pours in comments from people who are disappointed and dejected.

“Not everyone has the seventh. Not everyone may also have access to tv4 play. It is not so easy for the elderly or disabled who may not be able to handle this. Not for the rest of us who are technically ignorant either,” writes one user.

One user is even prepared to say that former players will quit because of the channel change.

“You guys are going to lose a lot of players,” said another user.

Lotta Engberg thus gets a future at Seven instead.

Most likely, we expect Lotta’s comeback to TV4 during next summer’s “Lotta på Liseberg”.

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