Lotta Engberg pressures her colleague – challenges Sanna Nielsen after the sing-along summer

It wasn’t a simple seat she put Sanna in, was it?

Bingolotto presenters – remember them all?

After the commercial: Bingolotto presenters – remember them all?


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Lotta Engberg and Sanna Nielsen have one obvious thing in common – they make sure that the whole of Sweden sets the tone during the summer.

There are few who can get a large audience singing along like the hosts. “Lotta på Liseberg” and “Allsång på skansen” are the hit programs that have a huge number of TV viewers, even though the sun is still shining when they are broadcast.

The fact that there is also the possibility to be present and sing is not entirely wrong. A winning concept for sure!

Sanna Nielsen is done with her seventh and last summer as all-song leader for “Allsång på skansen”. It was with great sadness that viewers said goodbye to Sanna Nielsen.

The all-singing leader now has time to participate in other contexts, such as last Sunday, when Sanna appeared in the broadcast of Bingolotto. A meeting with colleague and friend Lotta Engberg. Fun!

The star’s revealing clue about Allsång på Skansen – can take over after Sanna: “Is pretty clear”

Put the colleague against the wall – had to choose

Lotta Engberg asks Sanna to rate what is best through a top 10 list. She asks a very challenging question. Sanna must place where her son ends up on the scale.

– Shall we start with Gibson, where does he end up?, Lotta asks in the program.

– Yes, this is going to be very difficult, I must say, says Sanna jokingly and elaborates:

– Gibson my little darling, who I think is sitting and watching me now at home, and he is 11 months old so he understands exactly what is happening. He is of course in first place.

Lotta is prepared to challenge the colleague with another pressing question, this time about the artist’s partner:

– But Jocke then?, says Lotta and waits for an answer from Sanna.

– Yes.. yes… yes, but Jocke, darling, where are you? Of course you’re also on… No, but those are my most important people in my life, but when Gibson came in, Jocke had to come down in second place.

– I actually think he puts Gibson in first place too, Lotta says then.

– Yes, I think so, I really hope so, concludes Sanna.

Not easy with ranking…

Seems to be a friendly atmosphere between industry colleagues anyway!

SVT’s order to the TV4 star – unknown incident in front of the Allsångscene

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