Louana and Maxime: what was the real relationship of the two candidates in Koh-Lanta?

Louana and Maxime, both eliminated from Koh Lanta this Tuesday, May 17, look back on their adventure and reveal the true nature of their relationship on the camp… which we saw sometimes very tense!

Part of the truth! TF1 broadcast a new episode of Koh-Lanta: the cursed totem, this Tuesday, May 17, 2022. And this week, the famous rule of linked Destinies returned, the candidates were grouped into pairs by drawing lots, during the tests but also during the council. Louana and Maxime, who were a team, therefore both left the adventure, the young man eliminated by his comrades dragging his teammate in his fall. Throughout the adventure, the tensions were rather palpable between the two candidates, who frankly seemed to get on each other’s nerves. Louana had also made no secret of not really supporting certain remarks from Maxime.

Dogs and cats… like on the camp!

It is therefore quite natural that Internet users wanted to know more about the nature of their relationship, during a question-and-answer session to which they lent themselves last night, after the announcement of their elimination. And the questioning has something to amuse the two candidates: “Dogs and cats… like on the camp! reply first Louanabefore correcting: “Nah, nah, nah! It’s a beautiful friendship, which perhaps begins with a hint of animosity. In fact, there is what we see in the game… and the reality. On the set, we see a lot of headaches, we have communication problems, but it’s the editing that shows that. There are a lot of times when we talk a lot, around the fire, or in the forest, so communication was difficult to get through, but it got through anyway. And there are times that the production has not shown but where we get on well, anyway!“, she assured with sympathy. The young woman even assured Tele-Leisure that Maxime was henceforth the former adventurer with whom she had the most affinity.

Louana always wants to decide everything and so do I…

During the live on Instagram, Louana’s words were quickly corroborated by Maxim : “I think you’re one of the people I spend almost the most time with. on the camp, near the fire, etc. So, inevitably, afterwards, as Louana always wants to decide everything and so do I… Well that doesn’t always work!“, he launched into a burst of laughter. The adventurer concluded with a: “It’s karma“, fatalistic but amused.

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