Love and battle – unlikely coincidences between Borg and Reinfeldt

The duo have followed in each other’s footsteps when it comes to love.

The moderate and the former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt have separated after a seven-year relationship with Roberta Alenius, 44.

The couple worked together during Fredrik’s years as prime minister. Roberta was the former prime minister’s press manager and it was also through work that they found each other.

Aside from his love life, Reinfeldt was, as I said, Sweden’s prime minister between 2006 and 2014. He had finance minister Anders Borg right by his side. The duo ruled the country together for eight years, divorced, found new loves and have now divorced again – almost at the same time. An almost improbable coincidence.

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s heartbreak – separating from Roberta Alenius

But all was not peace and joy between the men of power. After the alliance’s election victory in 2010, a rift arose between them, which Anders Borg has written about in his book “Finansministern”.

“It was as if something came between us,” Borg writes in the book and later explained that the friendship was affected when Reinfeldt took a more defensive position politically in 2010.

Borg’s relationship with Reinfeldt after the divorce

In 2012, it was clear that Fredrik Reinfeldt and Filippa Reinfeldt would go their separate ways. Just two years later, Anders Borg also announced that he and Susanna Ölander Borg would divorce after 21 years of marriage. At the same time, Borg told that he was now together with PR woman and former artist Dominika Peczynski. A short time later, Fredrik Reinfeldt also told that he had met a new love, former press manager Roberta Alenius, 44.

This summer there was a big stir when Dominika Peczynski announced that she and Anders Borg had jointly decided to divorce. The reason was that she got mad because Borg didn’t want to hang out and “instead wanted to read newspapers on his Ipad and ignored her”. A day later they regretted it and at the moment they seem to be sitting peacefully on the boat. Peczynski has told about the couple’s love for each other on social media and recently confirmed that they were newly engaged.

But for Fredrik Reinfeldt, love life is going slowly at the moment. Yesterday, Roberta Alenius confirmed that the relationship between her and Fredrik Reinfeldt is over. They have not lived together for several months and seem to stand by the decision, unlike Peczynski and Borg.

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