“Love Is in the Air”: the time Kerem Bürsin forgot his Turkish roots

Before achieving the fame that he now has in Turkey, Kerem Bursin, the protagonist of “Love Is in the Air“He had to work hard to make a name for himself. In fact, his career did not start in his home country, but in the United States, a country that welcomed him at age 12 when he and his family moved because of his father’s job.

It is so for Kerem Bursin, America plays an important role in your life and career. There, the protagonist of You Knock My Door He graduated in Communication and Marketing, and also started acting, appearing in some productions; although he only achieved recognition when he returned to Turkey and joined the world of soap operas.

After living 14 years in North America, the Turkish actor returned to his country, where he made his screen debut in “Güneşi Beklerken”, playing Kerem Sayer. Since then he has not stopped until he became the fashionable actor of his native land. However, at one point in his life, Bursin he had forgotten his roots; he himself told about it.

Kerem Bürsin en “Love Is in the Air”, donde interpreta a Serkan Bolat (Photo: MF Production)


During your stay in Italy, was invited to the program “”, By Silvia Toffanin, with whom he had a long conversation. Among his most personal revelations, the actor said that there was a moment in his life that felt like he was forgetting his origins.

According to the Turkish heartthrob, spending so much time outside Turkey took a toll on him and, over the years, he was forgetting his place of origin. He grew up just another American, used to Anglo-Saxon traditions and with English as his first language. However, he knew that he came from another country and could not hide it.

On many occasions, people asked him where his first or last name came from and the actor said he was Turkish, although he did not feel from that country because he did not know their culture well. In fact, Kerem Bürsin only visited Turkey on vacation.

Thus he continued his life, without deepening the true identity of the country where he was born. It was only when he moved to Turkey, as an adult, that he was able to get closer to his roots. Now, that moment in his life is one more anecdote that he can tell wherever he is because he feels very proud to be Turkish.

An ordinary day for the actor with his pet (Photo: Kerem Bürsin / Instagram)
An ordinary day for the actor with his pet (Photo: Kerem Bürsin / Instagram)

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