Love is in the meadow: Laura delivers her truth about her "rivalry" with Anaig

This Tuesday, September 20, on Instagram, Laura reacted to the episode of Love is in the meadow broadcast the day before on M6. She then answered a few questions, including about her “rivalry” with Anaïg. How did she manage it? Was she disappointed by some of her confidences concerning her? In all honesty, she answered.

Monday August 22, 2022, M6 kicked off the new season of Love is in the meadow. The opportunity for viewers to see some of the 13 farmers in the cast of the show, whose portraits were broadcast in February 2022. Among them alexandera farmer from Normandy who moved Karine Le Marchand telling him how he went through the painful ordeal of his mother’s death. During his speed-dating, he fell in love with Anaig. He also invited Lauraa contender whose the enthusiasm had made Internet users react on Twitter. She had also been criticized on her teeth.

What Laura discovered about Anaïg during the episode

In the episode of Love is in the meadow aired Monday, September 19, 2022 on M6, Laura discovered the agricultural universe of Alexandre, which is not really more to Anaïg, her rival. “What scares me about Laura? She knows less about the agricultural environment than I do, so inevitably Alexandre has more things for her to discover. As she finds out, she’s more privileged“, she confided in front of the cameras of M6. Tuesday September 20, 2022, Laura went live on her page instagram to react to the episode. If she confided that she found Alexandre “super touching in his comments“, she could not say the same of Anaïg. In private, she told me that she was not talking about me, nor about our competition and in fact, I realize the oppositeshe confided in her live Instagram.

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I did not expect that

Laura then answered a few questions. A user wanted to know how she managed this aspect “rivalry” with Anaïg. “I wanted it to go really well with her. Before the speed-dating, we had spent a great evening together […] There is obviously competition, we feel it […] but I really wanted everything to go well. I didn’t want a bun crepe“, she replied. Was she disappointed by his comments about her during the solo interviews? “It’s not his confidences that disappoint me, it’s the fact that she tells me in private that she doesn’t talk about me during interviews, about the two of us. I did not expect that […] Afterwards, what she says, it’s not mean. She’s scared, it’s normal“, she continued. However, she wanted to say that she has no animosity towards the young woman. “I have no problem with Anaïg, she’s a girl I really liked. I have no problem with her, I hope she is well“, did she say.

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