Love is in the meadow: Valentin presents his new professional project (VIDEO)

Very endearing candidate of the last season of Love is in the meadow, Valentin has found love with Charley, an attractive dentist. But the farmer also experienced difficulties in his professional activity and he had to retrain, at least in part.

The beautiful story of Valentin and Charley had touched the viewers of Love is in the meadow, last year. The producer of edible flowers had a crush on his beauty from the speed-datings. “I didn’t think I could meet such a wonderful woman”, he told us. The young couple was however forced to take their time, since the young female dentist could not let go of her practice overnight. The two lovebirds had taken advantage of their participation in love seen from the meadow to give their news.

Love is in the meadow: a new project that has “sense” for valentine

They had thus confided that their couple was “on stand-by“on his joint installation plans. Charley had explained that the exploitation of his lover was not going”strong“.”Me, I set up my dental office three hours away from Valentin“, she added. Before reassuring: “Afterwards, it has to come together and we can found something. It will come“. In this Monday, September 19 episode of Love seen from the meadow, the flower grower revealed he’s embarked on a new businesswhich he presented to viewers of M6. “There you are in the kitchen on the farm. This is a project that was born during confinement with the help of my friend Laurent, who is a chef. We said to ourselves: ‘Here, we’re going to do a kitchen, a project that makes sense’. So we made a peasant table, where you eat my products, those of the producer friends. According to what is available and the chef’s inspiration”, he detailed.

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The heat waves were fatal for Valentine’s Day flowers

This new project was born at a time when Valentin’s operation was experiencing serious difficulties due to the capricious weather. The activity of the young man is indeed far from being flourishing because of the heat waves which have been linked this summer. “My flowers got a little warm. It’s been 94 days since we’ve seen water”, he explained. “We will find flowers soon. I leave myself again next year and we will see how it evolves”noted Valentin, a philosopher.

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