“Low blow”: the forceful position of Benjamín Vicuña with China Suárez

Benjamin Vicuna and China Suárez decided to end their relationship when the Wandagate exploded, although it had been speculated for many months that things were not quite right between the couple who gave the press a lot to talk about from the beginning.

Although it is rumored that the relationship between the Chilean actor and the current singer did not go well, both were able to give love a chance again. For its part, Benjamin Vicuna He took refuge in the arms of Eli Sulichin and China Suárez began a relationship with a Spanish businessman that ended shortly after it began and is now very happy with RusherKing.

Vicuña and China spent five years together, and they met during the filming of “El Hilo Rojo”.

And precisely this news has to do with a romantic post made by the ex-partner of Benjamin Vicuna towards her current partner, to whom she not only confessed that she loved him but also made it clear that she “fell in love” because of the respect she gives her as a woman, professional and mother. As expected, for the pink press this was a clear stick for Pampita’s ex.

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