Low viewership: Ms Marvel is the weakest MCU series to date

Hawkeye, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, Moon Knight and now Ms Marvel: The Portfolio Marvel series on DisneyPlus should keep superhero fans busy so far. The success of the MCU productions is also shown by the number of viewers: the first episode of Loki, for example 2.5 million homes in the US viewed.

Anyway is Loki overall the most successful MCU series on Disney Plus, like Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed a month ago. But the other excursions into the world of superheroes don’t have to hide either: the premieres of Moon Knight and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier attracted at least 1.8 million US households to the boob tube, WandaVision’s figure was 1.6 million.

Ms Marvel: Despite lower viewership, a hit with Generation Z

The current MCU flagship Ms Marvel unfortunately can’t keep up with these numbers: As the research company for TV data, Samba TV, on twitter shared, reached the series about the Muslim coming-of-age superheroine Kamala Khan in the first five days with their first episode only around 775,000 households in the USA.

Was previously Hawk Eye the weakest MCU premiere at 1.5 million, Clint Barton has now been undercut by Ms Marvel, which only reached half of its viewership in North America. But Kamala can write another sense of achievement on her forehead: with the so-called Generation Z is Ms Marvel the most successful MCU series to date.

Despite the lack of a definition, Generation Z roughly includes people born between 1997 and 2012. Samba TV limits the mentioned viewership to the age of 20 to 24. Also, Ms Marvel have a more diverse audience Lured in front of the screens: The ratings for Black, Spanish and Asian households are said to have been higher compared to other Marvel series.

After the first episode of Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan had to face her newly awakened superpowers in a second episode. We will then find out how the new superheroine will continue from June 22nd in the third episode on Disney Plus. Incidentally, the next MCU series is already in the starting blocks with She-Hulk, the from August 17th launches on Disney Plus.

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