Lower fuel consumption: gliding instead of racing

Christian Gratzer talked about ways to save fuel.

A representative study commissioned by the VCÖ has shown that nine out of ten drivers have changed their driving behavior since inflation. “This reaction of drivers is very clear. The study thus also confirms personal discussions. When fuel prices rise, especially when they rise so significantly, one naturally changes one’s behavior,” says Christian Gratzer from the Austrian traffic club VCÖ. Almost 47 percent of those surveyed stated that they had changed their driving behavior in such a way that they drove more fuel-efficiently. That means you pay more attention to the speeds and the revs.

“This reaction was not surprising, because the potential is quite large, especially when driving a car. We don’t need to do that much if you slide instead of speeding when driving. So tend to drive slower than faster than allowed,” says the expert in the Vorarlberg LIVE interview. He also points to other fuel-saving tips, such as shifting gears more quickly and driving at low speeds and with foresight. Driving like this can save up to 20 percent fuel.

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