Luca Cubero has already gone through the hairdresser and Mica Viciconte showed her new look

There is no doubt that Mica Viciconte She is going through one of the most important moments of her life, and it is not for less, she has just become a mother for the first time.

Since before he was born, Fabi├ín Cubero’s girlfriend had already created a personal Instagram account for her son, in which she shares the different advances and news of what is happening with the child. Mica Viciconte He melted his followers with an unexpected video.

Mica shared Luca’s video on her Instagram profile, and wowed the boy’s father and his sisters in the post.

Mica Viciconte showed how the baby’s first haircut was done step by step, something that is usually done with newborns, to grow new hair.

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