Luciano Castro spoke about the departure of Leticia Bredice in the play "The divorce"

Yesterday, Laura Ufal told Intruders that Leticia Bredice was fired by the director of the play “El Divorcio”, starring Luciano Castro Y Natalie Perez after two trials.

After the news, and the confirmation by Leticia of the facts, the portal First Fruits Now He contacted Castro to give his point of view about what happened: “What happened is more common than it seems in our work. Many times actors and directors cannot work together because they do not share styles or ways of working. In this case, everything was resolved well and that is the most important thing,” he said.

However, Leticia assured that the director and author of the work fired her without giving her many explanations and that she called him to see what had disturbed her work.

For his part, Luciano took another position and expressed: “What happens is that we did not expect it. For us it is to start over, but it is something that has to do with our work, it is not that you say: ‘oops, what a horror , the world fell.’ We have to move on.” He assured.

And he insisted that Leticia and Valente agreed: “We did not want to change anything, we were very upset, but there are situations that exceed everything and we have to move on. And both Leticia and the director resolved everything,” he commented.

To close, Castro decided to focus on the present and talk about Carla Conte, the one chosen to replace Leticia in the play and about her he said: “Carla is already involved and being a part. Every day she is integrated a little more to get the best that she can. We can at the premiere. Although it is a comedy, it is still a text comedy. It is complex, it has a timing, and things that have to be rehearsed a lot. Knowing the lyrics is not enough. Much is still missing on stage, “he concluded .

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