Luciano Castro’s fiery total nude

Luciano Castro surprised more than one in the series “The Good Retirement”, produced by Kuarzo Argentina and premiered a few days ago on Flow. There the actor starred in a super hot scene and caused a stir.

In Partners of the Show (El Trece) they aired the video of the famous and they reacted shocked.

On Twitter, various users they shared the fragment uncensored from the series where the artist appears totally naked, in the showerand flooded the network with memes and flattering comments for Castro.

It should be noted that this time it is an artistic nude, since in 2019 images of the totally naked actor also went viral, but they were shared publicly without his consent. As a result of this, Luciano resorted to the Justice so that they stopped spreading.

In Show Partners (The Thirteen) They shared the hot scene of Luciano Castro and Rodrigo Lussich was stunned. “It’s a poem. In the series ‘El Buen Retiro’, it’s something artistic. He gets out of the pool, goes to bathe in a locker room and It’s in the ass, and not only in the ass…”introduced the journalist.

“Of course we are going to blur the doll. It is a rabid rat, it has a lethal bite”

“Of course we’re going to blur the doll. It is a rabid rat, it has a lethal bite”, shot with humor, alluding to the intimate area of ​​the actor. After watching the video, Paula Varela was focused on by the camera looking carefully at the scene and her companions sent her to the front. “Paula, wipe your slime”Karina Iavícoli told him. “Too Careful”closed spicy Varela.

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