Lufthansa canceled 2,200 more flights in Germany due to lack of staff

File photo of Lufthansa aircraft. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

The airline Lufthansa is going to cancel 2,200 more flights at Frankfurt and Munich airports due to lack of staffcancellations that are added to the 900 announced two weeks ago.

Lufthansa reported last night that it will cancel 2,200 flights of the 80,000 planned flights, also some during the week.

Two weeks ago, the airline said that in July it would cancel 900 flights in Germany and Europe from Frankfurt and Munich in July, on Fridays and weekends.

“The cancellations especially affect flights within Germany and Europe, but not typical holiday destinations during the holiday season,” Lufthansa reported.

View of passengers at an airport, in a file photograph.  EFE/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich
View of passengers at an airport, in a file photograph. EFE/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich

“The strikes of security personnel, the weather conditions and the increase in workers who have contracted the coronavirus have additionally burdened the system,” depending on the company.

Eurowings also said two weeks ago that it planned to cancel hundreds of flights in July to stabilize its offer.

Currently many airlines and airports in Europe are also understaffed because during the pandemic they cut many jobs due to heavy flight restrictions.

The infrastructure of the airports and the security and control services of passengers have not yet returned to normality, at the level of 2019 before the pandemic, for this reason the airlines cannot offer all their flights.

(With information from EFE)


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