Luis Díaz unleashes madness: Goal and invasion of fans at La Guajira stadium

louis diaz is in Colombia enjoying his vacations after an outstanding closing of the season with the Liverpool, in which he won two titles with the team, played in the Champions League final and until the last date fought for the PremierLeague.

During his stay in Colombia, Lucho has had the opportunity to focus his vacations in the Caribbean area, visiting Barranquilla and training with the Junior, in his town Barracas in La Guajira and recently in Riohacha at the reopening of the stadium Federico Serrano Soto in which he played a match with other figures such as Arnoldo Iguarán and Macnelly Torres.

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However, it all got out of control when the Liverpool winger scored a goal by ‘spiking’ the ball over the goalkeeper. Right after scoring there was an invasion of fans They surrounded him and the meeting was over.

“I am happy with everything that is happening in my football career. The idea is that the children follow a good example, I will continue fighting and growing“, said Lucho during the lunch that was held at the Mi Ciudad Campestre establishment before the match.

Luis Díaz will be joining Liverpool’s preseason at the beginning of July, in order to face preparatory duels that the club has already confirmed against RB Leipzig and Racing de Strasbourg from France. The first duel for Premier League will be on August 6 against Fulham in visiting condition.

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