Luis “Flea” Rodríguez would leave Colón de Santa Fe

After the “tight” of the barrabravas to the Colón de Santa Fe campus, the soccer player Luis “Pulga” Rodríguez would have decided to terminate his contract with the Santa Fe club, according to his representative.

“The decision has been made. It doesn’t matter if he has a contract. This is a situation that can be terminated. It’s a shame what happened, it’s pathetic. There was a manager in practice when it happened. Flea is going to leave in December. .. The championship ends and the decision is to leave. No one can stand this,” said Roberto San Juan, Rodríguez’s manager.

And he added: “No one would like it to happen to him and no one can play in these conditions. The family comes first. El Pulga Rodríguez is having a very bad time. He is going to play these seven games and the decision is to terminate his contract, because it came to a limit. The only one responsible is the club. There is no need to continue covering up”.

In turn, in an interview with the radio program La Central Deportiva (Cadena 3), San Juan took aim at the club’s leadership: “It’s a shame what happened. Pathetic. There was a leader in practice when it happened.” (Horacio ) Darrás was in the place talking to the bars and the players are victims of that situation”.

“Here everything is known how the story is. These are not internal, these are things that happen and are very serious. You have to take measures, because you don’t have to expect them to kill a player. It’s very sad and unfortunate. I spoke with José Vignatti –president of Colón- and never says anything”, he added.

The Santa Fe press speculates that Rodríguez agrees to his termination this week, although others are considering that he could stay until the end of the current tournament and leave with the pass in his possession.

In addition, it transpired that he would not be the only footballer who plans to terminate his contract. In the last hours, Paolo Goltz, Mauro Formica and Ramón “Wanchope” Ábila would have made the same decision.

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