Luis Mena chocho with the debut of his daughter in the volleyball branch of Colo Colo

This morning Colo Colo female could not before his simile of Universidad de Concepción and they equaled a goal at the Ester Roa Rebolledo Stadium, with annotation by Javiera Grez, within the framework of the tenth day of the Caja Los Andes Women’s Championship.

Bitter result for the team directed by Luis Mena, since, although they are still in second place, they were left with 22 units, five less than Santiago Morning, who has won all his matches.

However, the multi-champion with the Cacique had a nice moment this Sunday because Catalina, his daughter, debuted with the sub 16 category of the volleyball branch of the Colo Colo Social and Sports Club. This moment of happiness shared it through your Instagram account with a story that said: “Proud to see you fulfill a dream”.

The multi-champion is pure happiness after the debut of Catalina, his daughter. | Source: Capture.

In conversation with DaleAlbo, the historic defender of the Cacique told us about the pride you feel when you see your daughter with the shirt of the club of his loves, the joy you have when you see her fulfill her dream and also highlighted the role of CSD with the other sports branches.

In the first instance, he argued that “She alone earned the possibility of being there, because she is a fan of volleyball. He went to try on and managed to stay, that already fills me with joy. Then it is a pride that I can wear the Colo Colo shirt, for me it is a dream because it is the team that I love and that I will always be grateful for everything they gave me. It is a tremendous pride to see her with the Indian on her chest and above all it is a dream that she is fulfilling, arriving at such an important club and developing in the sport that she is passionate about “.

About how he lives it, he commented that “Hopefully this is the first of many that Colo Colo will have to defend, I live it with great joy and obviously full of nerves so that everything he has done in training turns out well. I support and advise her in everything related to teamwork, the rest she does very well “.

Finally, he highlighted the role of the CSD, noting that “It is appreciated that the Social Club gives all the attention to its different sports branches with excellent professionals who enhance the wonderful history of all the sports that represent this great institution”.

The female Colo Colo who leads the multi-champion is second in the Caja Los Andes Women’s Championship. | Source: Sebastián Órdenes / Colo Colo.

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