Luis Mena makes detailed analysis of the Colo Colo replacement

Colo Colo has a great time that has him leading the standings and also leaving great sensations in his footballing level. Another of the points that the fans stand out the most is the contribution of the young people, who ratify their conditions in each game.

Luis Mena was one of those who most participated in the formation of many of them and his former managers value him with various gestures for him. “I remain with the affection and respect that the players have for me, the graphic in that very recently I went to lunch with many of the boys who are in the first team today. That fills me with pride, apart from them they paid haha. We keep in touch, they give me their t-shirt as a gift of gratitude for the grain of sand I contributed to their training ”, commented in dialogue with Redgol.

The Multi-Champion also took a detailed X-ray of each of them. He highlighted traits of the personality of each one, along with assessing the family support that each one received during their time as cadets. He is excited about the future of these young people and sees them as alternatives to be the replacement of the Chilean team.

Joan Cruz: “I met him many years ago, I upgraded him to take him to a championship in Valdivia. I was dazzled by his quality, his humility and his desire to learn. Joan is one of the great projects not only of Colo Colo, but also in the national team, let’s not forget that he already has a U-17 World Cup in his body. His mother Paula is extraordinary, since I have known him when he went to the stadium, to training, she was with him always, that is a fundamental support. When we had lunch together I saw that he is the same boy I have always known, although more mature. He wants to get as high as possible and will surely play elsewhere. It is a tremendous project of our football ”.

Daniel Gutierrez: “I upgraded him at some point and put him on the left back, I looked at his qualities and he quickly gained a space. He is a very dear boy. For me he is one of the great projects as left centrals, there are not many of the category in Chile and he can be a replacement in our team tomorrow, I always told him so. It depends a lot on your care, your passion and affection for this profession. Gustavo Quinteros has occupied it in both positions and performs, just like Jeyson Rojas ”.

Jeyson Rojas: “I started using him as a central defender, but today he is Colo Colo’s right-back, that makes me very happy. I loved seeing Jeyson Rojas in many ideal teams that the press of the first round does. He and his colleagues show that there is a replacement ”.

Jeyson Rojas is the sub 20 most used by Gustavo Quinteros in the tournament. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

Bruno Gutierrez: “It’s extraordinary. I saw him as a center-back and in the U-17 team they started doing him right back because there was a shortage and he performed very well. He has a very important physical quality, very aggressive to score, he has a lot of projection. He had to come from Ligua with his family to Santiago to accompany him without knowing if he would be successful, they bet on him, he has a very special family support and he has given back with great joy, not only in Colo Colo, but also in Iquique ”.

Vicente Pizarro: “I also met him many years ago, I was able to enjoy him a lot. Vicente always made a difference. He was always so clear about his goals that one considers him an example to follow. In the talks he said a lot that the boys look for examples outside in players of big teams, but he always told his teammates that they had that example next to them. Beyond that they were going to compare him with his father, I always told him that he would earn his space and that he understand that it would not be thanks to his father. In Chile we are very chaqueteros, but he knew how to deal with that, he was always the captain of the category, he leads by example. He always had spectacular physical parameters, he takes good care of himself in his meals, he has good muscle mass and beyond that he has an incredible quality to adapt to any position. Today we are seeing it, it really makes me very happy with everything that he is achieving ”.

Vicente Pizarro is one of the young people who has captivated the most in the tournament. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

Luciano Arriagada: “It is very special to me. We lived through hard times with him, he was always lowered from the payroll, from the South American tournaments and made him want to throw everything away. He is a player who has a great adaptability, he always wants to learn. It has very special physical and technical qualities, it is a 9 of those that there are not in Chile, little by little it will consolidate. I always talk to him and tell him not to rush, to make the most of his minutes and he has done it, that’s why he was able to go to the Copa América. He is a humble and nice boy ”.

Ivan Morales: “It is extraordinary too. He is a self-sacrificing boy who unfortunately lost his parents at a very young age. Football is his escape door and he is taking advantage of it very well, he is more mature and has understood everything that the teachers told him at the time. It is not easy to be the 9 of Colo Colo, not even to kick his penalties and today I see him very focused on what he wants. He is going to consolidate to be a national team player ”.

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