Luis Miguel will face revenge from Roberto Palazuelos because of his series

The series about the life of Luis Miguel has raised blisters among those who have been portrayed in it, in a more or less favorable way, in the form of characters who do not use their real names on all occasions, but who always make it very clear in who are inspired.

Now the famous singer could face retaliation for the way he has removed the past, although it will not be legal action. Entrepreneur Roberto Palazuelos, who appears as one of “El Sol’s” friends in the first season, maintains that the Netflix production presents him as a gossip who meddled in the famous artist’s love life, assuring him that his former Then girlfriend Mariana Yazbek was “throwing the wave again” in a wedding in which they coincided.

By the way, that inopportune old boyfriend, who in fiction is called ‘El Moro’, is none other than the filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu, but Roberto affirms that he never hinted to Luis Miguel that his first great love could be being unfaithful to him with the now Oscar-winning director. Nor is it funny that in one of the episodes, during a fight, the singer tells his character that thanks to him he has known “half the world” because nothing could be further from the truth.

“What is he going to take me to travel the world! That did bother me ”, he has admitted on the program ‘Pinky Promises’, in which he has revealed that he does not intend to sit idly by and that he will pay the famous musician with the same coin in his own show ‘Losing his mind’. “We just gave Micky a gift in the last chapter. With love. Revenge is a dish that should always be eaten cold. “

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