Luka Tudor goes into a tailspin against Marcelo Moreno Martins

Marcelo Moreno Martins finally does not arrive in Colo Colo after a statement from Cruzeiro confirming his stay in Belo Horizonte at this difficult time, so Blanco y Negro began the search for Plan B.

However, the theme of Moreno Martins continues in soccer programs both on radio and TV and in Los Tenores de Radio ADN, Luka Tudor was quite critical and gave his hypothesis.

“I think he never wanted to come to Colo Colo, he used Colo Colo to make another negotiation, extend his contract a little bit”, expressed in the first instance the former soccer player.

He further added that, “He wins 55 clubs and here they were like 40 … then second-rate football in Brazil is not like first-rate football, but it is Brazil and if things are fixed, it could be in Serie A or it could be transferred to another team. he wanted to come, pure verse “.

Finally, Juan Cristobal Guarello also had an opinion on the matter. “Moreno Martins was in the second division and Cruzeriro was wrong, you could get in there. But they closed you down and that’s it. You’re going to get a 9 from Argentina and they are going to charge you two million dollars for a player with eight goals.”, he sentenced.

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