Lukaku could be the surprise signing of Real Madrid

Lukaku could be the surprise signing of Real Madrid

Real Madrid is already talking about the assembly of the squad for the following season. A key movement for the club is the continuity of Karim Benzema, who after weeks of talks with the team’s board of directors has agreed to sign a contract extension until 2024, thus ensuring that the team from the capital of Spain will have its forward center in good shape. sure at least one more cycle.

Karim Benzema

Real Madrid v Liverpool FC: Round of 16 Second Leg – UEFA Champions League / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Despite Karim’s signed continuity, the club understands that due to the health problems the Frenchman has had this year, having only ‘9’ in the squad once again would be a huge and unnecessary risk. For this reason, the club is probing different names to strengthen the center of attack and have a weight replacement for Benzema and the name that Florentino Pérez could have hidden in the shadows is that of Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku.

Chelsea will look for the sale or transfer of ‘9’ in the summer, the club does not trust a man who has been said on many occasions to be unhappy within the club and who also receives 10 million pounds a year, for this For this reason, Real Madrid understands that his purchase or even his transfer would be within an affordable price and also the player would accept a rotating role, since it is the same one he has today within Inter Milan. The first name for this summer is still Vlahovic, but the club is not sure whether to invest 100 million in signing him.

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