Lukic, a World Cup to be watched special: sirens from the Premier for him

Turin transfer market / The Serbian has made it clear that he intends to change team and will use the World Cup to show off

The break for the World Cup in Qatar and the approaching month of January inevitably make the first market rumors leak out. But there is one player who was the one who raised his voice about his future. Obviously we are talking about Sasa Lukic who had declared since the retirement of the Serbian national team: “Honestly, I have big ambitions and I’m sure I’ll get where I set out to”. Words that made a lot of noise and that certainly did not please Toro and his fans, and it is no coincidence that the Serbian midfielder on his Instagram profile under his posts has limited comments so that he cannot write to him anyone . Now the goal of the number 10 granata is to showcase all of his qualities during the World Cup, in order to attract the attention of big clubs. In this regard, it must be said that several important teams have already started following him for some time. In the meantime, in order to protect themselves, Toro must start looking around in search of a midfielder, to be ready in case Lukic should leave the club in January.

In addition to Roma, Leeds also have their eyes on Lukic

In these hours, in addition to the interest of Rome for Lukic, with the Giallorossi club that had already tried to bring the Serbian midfielder to the capital last summer, the desire on the part of the Leeds to make an attempt to try to bring the former Levante player to move to England. Surely the possibility of playing in the Premier League, one of the most fascinating leagues in the world, at least makes Lukic’s mouth water. But first we have to think about the World Cup, with the Serbian midfielder who knows very well that he will have several eyes on him. He will therefore be a special observer.

Sasa Lukic
Sasa Lukic

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