Lukic is not yet at his level: Torino need a leader in midfield

The Serbian has not yet returned to the levels of last season. In view of Naples and the derby, a turning point of his vintage is needed

If they had said months ago that Linetty (taking into account Ricci’s injury) the midfielder who is putting himself most in the spotlight in Turin in terms of quality of performances, they would most likely have had a good laugh. The Pole was among the players most out of Juric’s technical project until a few weeks ago and today, taking advantage of the absences and the short blanket, he is taking revenge on him. The parable concerning his current midfield mate, that is, is definitely the opposite Sasa Lukic. For the Serbian it was to be the season of confirmations. Of the institutionalization in the recent history of Turin, complete with a captain’s armband to inherit after the long Belotti era. A little ‘for his behavior off the pitch and for the demerits of his technicians and the group, once reinstated in the squad, things are going differently.

The fight and the loss of the band

The sgarro to the club, also extended to the coach and the disappointed teammates, made the days before the championship eve of the team and Lukic very complicated. A twist that is too big in a summer that is far from peaceful in itself. All the more so after the performance of the first round of the Italian Cup with Palermo, in which he has already imposed himself for leadership and physical condition. The exclusion from the squad somehow still brings not indifferent aftermath. Juric keeps him out of the away match in Monza. Too premature his reinstatement, but the internal resolution of the following days leads him to play a fragment of the home debut with Lazio. Already from that 18-minute ride, it seems that the environment around him has quite changed. The cover man must now conquer everything again. The band is not talked about, already after a few days firmly on Rodriguez’s arm, but certainly credibility in front of the entire Turin sector, from the club to the fans, who do not spare him a few whistles. “He’s fine. She had a short circuit, but as a job she is exceptional. He wants to win back his place “ Juric then says in the press conference on the eve of the Cremonese. The coach, on the other hand, continues with the Ricci-Linetty tandem, allowing only five minutes to his former captain.

Lukic, Toro needs the midfielder

The duo works, if bad luck didn’t get in the way. Ricci must forfeit the match in Bergamo with Atalanta, when he had already felt the field, in the warm-up. The team in midfield is what it is and Juric finds himself forced to fully reinstate Sasa Lukic. The Serbian plays all the available minutes of the match, but does not affect, appearing flat to the need of the Bull to return to the game in the face of the sporting anger of Koopmeiners. It is no coincidence that the first defeat of the season arrives. The following time, Toro faces Lecce, with Lukic returning as a starter in front of his own public. It is a Juric formation victorious against the Salento, but of which Lukic is basically a foreign body. Leadership is to be acquired, especially with regard to the setting phase. More than an added value, the Serbian stands out for some mistake not from him. Better in the away match at San Siro, in which he emphasizes his presence mainly in the defensive phase, thanks to a saving intervention on Lautaro Martinez.

Against Sassuolo he returns in his apathetic version of the last period. The dynamism and quality put to work in the last season has not yet been seen. It will therefore be necessary to understand whether the reasons for some of his steps backwards are dictated by environmental factors, or by technical issues. This year, in light of the various departures that have affected the midfield department, he has much more responsibility for both interdiction and creative. Time passes, the important games are calling and the Taurus quickly needs the technical and emotional growth of its number 10.

Sasa Lukic

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