Lunay presents his most human side in a YouTube project



San Juan, Nov 24 (EFE) .- The Puerto Rican urban artist Lunay launched this Wednesday the first episode of a project on YouTube, as part of the project “Artist on the Rise” (Emerging Artist), in which he presents his most human side and his process towards stardom in music.

“What you will be able to find is basically my upbringing, what I did since I was a child and how I looked for my muse,” Lunay explained to Efe.

That musical inspiration, as mentioned by Jefnier Osorio Moreno – Lunay’s first name – was found in Corozal, his place of birth and upbringing in Puerto Rico, in the mountainous and central area of ​​the island.

There, as detailed, he grew up riding motorcycles, “sharing with my family and from there, that recharge is what I take to the studio and I continue to send fire.”

Likewise, the interpreter of hits such as “Todo o nada”, “Soltera”, “Dale banda” or “She likes to be seen”, exposes how the sport of motorcycling helps him to unburden himself and find the muse to create his songs.

“The motorcycle is ‘freestyle’ (improvisation) and the music is the same, you get the opportunity to do what you want and feel,” highlights the young 21-year-old artist.

In Corozal, the artist indicates in the video that he was “raised with dreams, aspirations and goals, but mine were well focused”, specifically on music.

In the first five-minute episode, Lunay recounts how she became interested in music thanks to her father who played drums and sang in church.

Lunay told Efe the first time he visited a recording studio, where his stepbrother took him, since he came “he felt he was born to be in the studio.”

“I felt that singing had something special in life,” says Lunay in the video worked in collaboration with YouTube Music.

In addition, the video also recalls when Lunay, at 14 or 15, met Daddy Yankee, who encouraged him to continue working to achieve his dreams and several years later both recorded the “remix” of “Soltera”, in the one that also participates Bad Bunny.

“What you can learn from the video is that you come from everywhere, no matter where you are from. Even if he is a jibarito like me, thank God, he continues to achieve great things. So the kids (teenagers) can motivate themselves by giving it hard, ”Lunay told Efe.

“I still feel like a jibarito. That’s good, and also letting him know where we go, ”added Lunay, singer with the La Familia record label of Puerto Rican music producers Chris Jedi and Gaby Music.

Other artists who have participated in the “Artist On The Rise” project are the Puerto Rican Ozuna and Rauw Alejandro and the Panamanian Sech.

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