Lupine III – The Italian match: the special arrives on Italia 1

Lupine III – The Italian match, the twenty-fifth anime television special dedicated to the character of Lupine III, born from the mind of Monkey Punch, landed on Amazon Prime Video on September 13. Now it’s about to hit television. Where is it? On Italy 1. When? Saturday 23 October at 7.40 am.

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About Lupine III – The Italian match

Lupine III – The Italian match is the twenty-fifth anime television special dedicated to the character of Lupine III, broadcast for the first time in Japan on Nippon Television on January 8, 2016, between episodes 15 and 16 of the television series Lupine III – The Italian adventure.

  Lupine III - The Italian match

For those who have no idea of ​​the plot, here it is:

After learning of Rebecca Rossellini’s disappearance, Lupine sets out in search of her. Meanwhile, he receives a letter of challenge from a mysterious masked man who calls himself the Masked Count. Lupine has been invited to a competition to see who will be the first to seize the inheritance of the Count of Cagliostro.

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The Italian cast sees Stefano Onofri as Lupine, Alessandro D’Errico as Daisuke Jigen, Antonio Palumbo as Goemon, Alessandra Korompay as Fujiko Mine, Rodolfo Bianchi as Inspector Zenigata.

  Lupine III - The Italian match

We remind you that on Yamato Animation you can watch dubbed in Italian Lupine III – Goodbye, my friend, the twenty-sixth television special, Lupine III – The Italian Match, Lupine III – The Third Series, the most irreverent, boldest and most sought after season by the gentleman thief fans, Lupine The Third – Prisoner of the Past, the twenty-seventh anime television special dedicated to the famous gentleman thief Lupine III, all announced for the 30th anniversary of Yamato Animation.

They are also available from June 17, thanks to Anime Factory, in a new 4K UHD blu-ray edition, The Woman Named Fujiko Mine e The Castle of Cagliostro or two of the most popular productions linked to the historic franchise of Lupin III while on 23 September 2021, both on DVD and Blu-ray, the new edition of Lupin III, uncensored.

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