Luque asked for his dismissal and pointed to Maradona’s prepaid

Luque asked for his dismissal and pointed to Maradona's prepaid

Maradona with the doctor Leopoldo Luque / Web

The lawyers of the main defendant in the case investigating the alleged murder of Diego Armando Maradona, the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luciano Luque, once again demanded his dismissal, arguing that being a family doctor does not imply being a “lifetime” guarantor of a patient.

Through his legal representatives, the doctor charged the responsibility for the death to the prepaid medicine company of the former soccer player, which was in charge of the home hospitalization of “10”, judicial sources reported today.

In the presentation, the defense attorneys Julio Rivas and Mara Digiuni also rejected the request for trial made on April 13 last, in which the San Isidro prosecutors requested an oral trial for Luque (40) and seven other professionals from the health as co-authors of an alleged “simple homicide with possible intent”.

For the defense, the legal qualification is not necessary since they understand that in any case it is a culpable homicide.

The postulate is based on the fact that Luque never denied being Maradona’s family doctor, although they stressed that assuming that role does not imply being the patient’s lifelong guarantor and less when he had already been referred to a home hospitalization in the country house de Tigre that was in charge of the company Medidom, and supervised by the prepaid Swiss Medical.

“The role of guarantor ceases in certain circumstances, as is the case under study,” said the defense. And they added in this regard: “No doctor would act as a patient’s GP if he knew that he has a role of guarantor for life, which does not cease despite not actually being in charge of the patient’s health.”

And at this point, he defined responsibilities towards other defendants: “Leopoldo Luque went to Tigre’s house, where Maradona was serving a home hospitalization for withdrawal syndrome, not a cardiological hospitalization, in charge of a private company ‘Medidom Internaciones Domiciliarias SRL’ , with its own team of nurses and doctors, supervised by Dr. Nancy Forlini and with its own clinician, neurologist and nutritionist”.

“It was absolutely proven that neither the nurses of said hospitalization nor the doctors reported our defendant. They had their own working group, and they communicated and reported the patient’s news in a WhatsApp group. Luque is oblivious to the group and to the hospitalization, ”said the defense.

For Rivas and Digiuni, “the heart failure that caused the death was acute, and as it appears from the evidence of the car, it originated during the last two days prior to the death.”

“If there is a crime, it has not been committed by the accused Luque and it is appropriate to order his dismissal,” the defenders conclude.

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