Luztopia, an ‘Enchanted Tale’

MONTERREY, NL- A world of medieval castles, princesses and kings took over the Fundidora Park, in Monterrey, in the fifth edition of the Luztopia “Cuento Encantado” festival, which opened this Wednesday, November 23, and will be in the facilities of the royal building until next January 8.

The lighting of the more than 200 figures that this year give life to the event was carried out by the mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas; the honorary president of Luztopia, Federico Clariond Domene; Maricarmen Martínez, Secretary of Tourism in the State; Anabel Mellado, production director of the festival; the director of Parque Fundidora, Jean Joseph Leautaud, and Jesús Guerrero Almaraz, vice president of the state Tourism Cluster.

During his speech, the royal Mayor highlighted the true values ​​of Christmas, which are spending time with the family. “These times are always important to remember what is worth the most; what is worth the most are not the gifts, they are not the posadas, they are not the parties, what is worth the most is precisely being able to have these spaces, ”he said.

Colosio Riojas attended the inauguration of Luztopia accompanied by his two young children, with whom he toured the attractions.

Clariond Domene, for his part, thanked the work of the Tourism Cluster that promotes the event that attracts visitors from nearby cities such as Saltillo.

“The theme is ‘Enchanted Tale’, so the allusion is to princesses, castles, medieval castles”, explained the honorary president of the festival. He stressed that it is a very family event and This year, 50,000 tickets were delivered to the DIF and other institutions so that people with fewer resources can attend And don’t miss the Christmas festival.

“It is a family event that unites the entire society, it does not matter if they are from San Pedro, Escobedo, Guadalupe or Saltillo,” he shared. He indicated that Luztopia began in 2016 when he presided over the Tourism Cluster and they approached him with an innovative idea that to date costs many millions of pesos.

“It is a bet that we made because that is what we from Nuevo León do, always thrown forward”, he highlighted. To date, he mentioned that it has been a success and Luztopia represents what we should have as a Country. “Luztopia unites society, which is what we want to do. Sadly we are very polarized,” he said.

Among the attractions of this year in Luztopia are: more than 200 illuminated figures, a multimedia castle, musical shows, a craft market, snacks, a large pine tree, a wish wall, knowledge totems, and playgrounds. This is the fifth edition of the Christmas festival of lights and according to the state Secretary of Tourism, Maricarmen Martínez, it constitutes a great attraction to visit Monterrey on these December dates.

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