Lysbakken: – Too much gray and too little red and green

SV went out of the polls with the Labor Party and the Center Party because the distance became too great.

Lysbakken calls the platform of Sp and Ap «gray».

– In this platform, there is too much gray and too little red and green, but SV will contribute with a more powerful policy for fair distribution and the environment if the government comes to us to negotiate, Lysbakken says.

He says that there are a number of measures in the platform that are based on an agreement between SV, Sp and Ap in the previous period.

BREAK THE PROPOSALS: Audun Lysbakken left Hurdalsjøen hotel because the distance between the three parties became too great. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

Too weak

He also comments on the differences between the three parties.

– The voters’ two most important issues in this election were difference-Norway and the environment. If the government does not deliver a powerful change on these two, hundreds of thousands of red-green voters will be disappointed, says Lysbakken and continues:

– Marks an end to the Conservative government

– This platform is far too weak both in terms of inequality in power and wealth and climate and nature.

If there is no will for stronger tax increases for the rich, we will not bring the differences down, the SV leader believes.

Not support party

He also believes that the platform is not green enough, because you will not achieve the climate goals with what is outlined.

– SV is not a support party for this government. We are an opposition party. If the government is constructively willing to cooperate with us, we will meet the government in a constructive way. If they want to cooperate, they must change course, says Lysbakken.

He insists that it is a correct decision to leave the polls. He says he is still happy that the blue government has been replaced.

Lysbakken says that the government itself must choose whether they want to “run downhill skiing in the Storting” or apply for support for SV.

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