Mackalister Silva: "It is not that one as a player wants to slow down"

“Was a party very interrupted where we couldn’t have the rhythm of the game that we used to in terms of possession, dynamics. We have tried to have a playing time more or less on the 50-54 minutes and we are sure that with America it was not like that because the game was cut and we did not have the precision of other moments, “he said Mackalister Silva a The Lengthen.

The next game of Millionaires is the Capital Classic: “We know that Santa Fe it is on the rise, we saw their game with Patriotas. A team that stood up well, who knew how to handle the result, but we regardless of what Santa Fe is doing we have to correct that which was not done against America, “added the captain albiazul.

On the virtues of Millonarios Silva explained: “We are a short team, a intense team. The truth is that we have already managed to have a process and I think that at times it is being noticed that we have understood the idea much better. Obviously taking into account that there are always things to improve “.

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About the intensity and dynamics Mackalister assured: “We as Millionaires try to stop the game as little as possible, but without a doubt It is not that one as a player wants to do slow soccer. On the contrary, between faster football there are more spaces. Here come themes of the speed and precision that if you have speed and dynamics you are going to catch badly stopped the other team or you will always have or be a pass option “.

What is coming for Millonarios will be final and the Bogotano is optimistic: “we have to keep your feet on the ground, more in a league like ours that is so even. It is very important not to trust us and keep in mind that we are playing 2 tables that it is something inevitable that we as millionaires we want to return to an international tournament and why not by means of the star “.

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