Macron and the mystery of the room not found

Decidedly, our president is not at the top of his form. His flabby speech to address, in a gust of wind, the French, is the sign of an embarrassment size XXL. A few short minutes on the news, in a cold, almost boring tone, in order to cuddle the opposition groups who do not intend to participate in its “action majority”. All that for this ? The dashing genius of overtaking seems to be standing still, as if his algorithms no longer captured the state of the nation. How to get out of the quicksand of this relative majority, and restive, in which he got stuck? By remaining motionless. Above all, do not make the slightest gesture, otherwise you will be swallowed up by the hostile elements. To put oneself in political apnea, in a state of drowsiness, to be forgotten, to erase the fiasco which he has just undergone, while waiting for the swirling chemical solution, concocted by the voters, last Sunday, to be deposited at the level of the parliamentary asphalt.

Emmanuel Macron, from President Jupiter to Relative President

Just to see it a little clearer? Not sure. Emmanuel Macron has become the involuntary hero of the series “The mystery of the untraceable room”. We imagine him, equipped with a magnifying glass, à la Sherlock Holmes, accumulating clues to learn the lessons of the disaster. And propose a new way to the country. The appointment of Elisabeth Borne at Matignon was already the sign of her desire not to change anything in her very technocratic software. The former Minister of Labor, without insulting him, is the caricature of the senior civil servant, his fingers on the seam of his pants, whose political career is only a series of collaborations in the cozy cabinets of the Republic.

Elisabeth Borne Prime Minister: the consecration of a “feminine monk-soldier”

Emmanuel Macron therefore knowingly chose a “collaborator”, a sign of his desire to stay straight in his manager’s boots, the exact image that the French no longer support. However, a few months ago, he had sold us a new wind, a commotion, a dynamic to embark the most reluctant. Curiously, he chose a form of immobility.

A wink from Serge Raffy

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Quick, a majority that thinks!

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It is therefore an intervention without relief, without soul, without asperities, smooth as a ping-pong ball, that the Head of State has delivered to us. How to explain this slump, this gap? The most common explanation in the ranks of its majority: its software is out of order. The new world that he had succeeded in imposing, in 2017, that of France 2.0, the first of the rope, the runoff, is in an advanced phase of decomposition. It seems, for now, to have nothing else in store. Whose fault is it ? To its lack of appetite for the construction of a formation that produces political thought, capable of leading debates on its own. This is the great weakness of the Republic in March, which waited too long for the beak of the Elysée before expressing itself.

The new deputies have a hell of a way to go to find the way of the people. To do this, they will have to bring out new heads, even strong heads, big mouths à la Mélenchon, capable of reinventing a new language, of moving away from the techno sabir of the first climbers. And above all, crime of lèse-majesté, to think of the future without it, so that the extremes never become the majority. So, Manu, wake up! And tidy up your “Room”!

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