Mad Max Furiosa: this actress performed her stunts when she did not have a license

The Mad Mad: Fury Road prequel will focus on Furiosa’s youth. Anya Taylor-Joy portrays the character. During an interview, the actress confides that she has performed her own stunts even though she does not hold a driving license.

Mad Max: Fury Road © Village Roadshow Films

According to stolen photos from the shoot, Mad Max Furiosa will honor the franchise with a host of post-apocalyptic vehicles. The frenzied races will thus be at the rendezvous in this prequel which will not land anytime soon, its release date being scheduled for May 22, 2024. It will be a prequel which will focus on the youth of Furiosa.

She finds herself in the grip of a squad of bikers commanded by Dementus. While surveying the Wasteland, the group will confront the Citadel led by the Immortan Joe. As the two hordes fight for hegemony, Furiosa will have to work hard to stay alive and return home. Anya Taylor-Joy was chosen to play this young version of Furiosa. She will thus have the heavy task of succeeding Charlize Theron.

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Mad Max Furiosa: stunts galore on the program

Questioned by IndieWire, the actress is in any case not shy. She says she performed swaying stunts during filming. And this while she does not have a driver’s license. Rather funny, isn’t it? “I don’t have a license, so I can’t drive. I can’t drive on a highway, I can’t park between two carsbut if you need me to do a 180° in a truck, I can do it without hitting the cameramen, which is great”she explains with humor.

Ultimately, she hopes “stay in one place long enough to get a driver’s license”. Still in the same interview, Anya Taylor-Joy indicates that she had “rarely been so dirty and covered in blood” for a shoot. What does not displease him: “When I can get dirty or be covered in blood, when I don’t have to be dressed, I have fun, it is in these moments that I am most comfortable”.

Mad Max Furiosa will also feature Chris Hemsworth who was transformed for the purposes of the film. He should embody the role of the warlord Dementus.

Source : IndieWire

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