Madame is served: how does the series end?

Good news for fans: Madame is served is finally available for streaming! The first four seasons of the cult 1980s sitcom starring Alyssa Milano land on 6play and Salto. Do you remember how the series ended? Télé-Loisirs refreshes your memory.

Almost 40 years after it was broadcast on television, Madame is served is making a comeback on streaming platforms. The first 4 seasons of the cult comedy series are available on Salto and 6play. The opportunity to find the sympathetic Tony Danza in the role of Tony Micelli, an Italian-American widower who leaves Brooklyn to offer a better life to his daughter Samantha, played by the very young Alyssa Milano at the time. Tony is hired as a handyman by Angela Bower, played by Judith Light, a wealthy businesswoman who lives with her son Jonathan (Danny Pintauro) and opposite-sex mother Mona (Katherine Helmond). Beyond the plots of each episode, the interest of Madame is served lies in whether Angela and Tony, who are rapidly developing bonds deeper than professional, will end up as a couple. The series ended after 8 hilarious seasons in 1992. Do you remember the very last episode of Madame is served ? Télé-Loisirs tells you the end!

After 8 seasons, Madame is served ends with a three-part special episode

First post is the 194th and final episode of eight seasons of Madame is served. This final chapter is made up of three parts. Before discovering how Tony and Angela’s adventure ends, let’s take a look back at the start of their relationship. Starting with their first meeting. If you’re Angela Bower, I’m the one wanted“, says Tony to Angela when this one opens the door to him in her bathrobe. Charming and sure of himself, he tries with a broad smile to get the job as a maid that Mona secretly told him about. From the second episode, Tony surprises Angela in the shower, then in the following ones, Angela’s ex-husband makes an unexpected return, Angela and Tony wake up in the same bed with no memory of the night, and they kiss. for the first time at the end of season 1. A first kiss that will be followed by many others but also by misunderstandings and misadventures until the very last episode.

As a couple at the end of the season, will Tony and Angela stay together despite the obstacles?

In the latest episode of Madam and servant, Tony, who has just graduated as a teacher, receives a job offer in another state. While he and Angela are a couple, he decides to accept this job but this remote relationship keeps them apart both literally and figuratively. In a pretty loop, the series ends on the exact same scene as their very first meeting, when Angela, dressed in a pink bathrobe and her hair wrapped in a matching towel, opens the door for Tony. This time, it’s not a stranger who is on her doorstep but the man she loves and in a tuxedo and bow tie, what’s more. “Tony, what are you doing here?“, asks Angela in the French version where the lovers have continued to address each other. “I believe you are looking for a handyman“, answers Tony, much more reserved than eight years earlier. Both, rather embarrassed, start to discuss and Tony confides that he was given the award for the best teacher of the year and that he resigned After a very fancy reception, he returned to his beautiful apartment where he realized that he had no one to show his pretty plaque to. On a more serious note, he found the courage to explain to her that they didn’t Didn’t make the right choice in separating. Shy like two young schoolboys, they seal this reunion with a kiss. Love stories usually end badly? The proof that they don’t.

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