Madden: Ultimate Team is so unfair, now the streamers are on strike!

Both Madden and FIFA include the rather popular online mode Ultimate Team. In this, players can put together their own team consisting of a wide variety of athletes. However, these must first be found in virtual card packs, which are sold for real money, among other things. The mode has long been a part of these franchises, and with each new release, players will need to gather their squads anew. As Polygon reportedMadden NFL 23 streamers may have grown weary of this situation.

Not a cent more for Ultimate Team: streamers organize strike

Numerous streamers have now joined forces under the hashtag “packstrike” in order not to spend a single cent on the Ultimate Team mode. The internet personalities are not just calling on other streamers to do the same, but the entire Madden community until EA addresses the in-game issues.

The streamer Zirksee shared the demands of the community today on Twitter. Among other things, they are asking for “better rerolls” and overall improved odds in the card packs for Madden 23. Interestingly, EA only brought the today “Training Variety Packs” out. For Zirksee did this through their #packstrike movementwhich is a step in the right direction for the streamer.

Sports games like FIFA and Madden have long been heavily criticized for their monetization. The fact that this model hasn’t changed yet suggests that Publisher Electronic Arts is still generating massive revenues from it. Although streamers and their communities naturally include quite a lot of people, it is questionable whether this action can really make a difference. Despite this, it would probably be a welcome change for most players if EA overhauled the monetization of their games.

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