Madeleine boarded by Charlene: The information is spread in the press – has now reached Florida

Princess Madeleine and Princess Charlene

Princess Madeleine and Princess Charlene’s paths do not cross too often. But now it has happened – and the information is spreading wildly.

A common image of our royal houses around the world is that they are overflowing with luxury and opulence, and of course being a prince or princess is glamorous. But there is actually a big difference if you happen to be in the luxury mecca of Monaco, or here at home in Sweden.

Information about Princess Madeleine and Princess Charlene is now being presented – and it is spreading around the world.

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Princess Madeleine gets no money

When Princess Madeleine moved from Sweden, her royal duties naturally decreased, and so did her appanage. When the court published its activity report for 2021 last spring, we got for the first time an insight into what the finances really look like for the royal family.

The answer was clear: Madeleine is completely penniless. At least when it comes to appanage, the state’s support to the royal house.

The decision was made by none other than the king himself, who has decided that it is only members who carry out official commitments on behalf of the head of state who will receive part of the coddling – and then Madeleine is out of luck.

Unlike her sister, Crown Princess Victoria, who is out representing the royal family almost every day. Like now, when she is traveling in Kenya. Last year, Victoria and Daniel received a total of 4.5 million in appanage.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel matching in gray and smiling big

The Crown Princess couple’s hard work is visible on the payslip!

Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Victoria’s close friend speaks out: That’s why I left the Crown Princess

That’s how much money Crown Princess Victoria has

Nevertheless, both Victoria and Madeleine are beaten by other royal houses when it comes to the richest princesses. The worldwide site Celebrity Net Worth have information about how it actually works.

Our Swedish princess sisters have not had it smoldering, and are next to each other with their 103 million kroner.

A breathtaking sum, but nothing for the Monegasque princesses. Charlene, who is admittedly a princess, dresses Madeleine away in Florida with ponytails.

According to the site, she has a fortune of a staggering 1.6 billion kroner. She is followed by her sister-in-law Princess Stéphanie, who also has a billion to have fun with.

A rather large difference, for a group with essentially the same job – and it is clear who can treat themselves to the most luxury.

Princess Madeleine on location in Monaco to participate in Princess Charlene and Prince Albert's wedding

Madeleine and Charlene don’t have too much in common. But here she was in Monaco when Princess Charlene and Prince Albert were to get married…


Princess Charlene on location in Sweden ahead of Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's wedding

…and here is Charlene in Stockholm, ahead of Princess Madeleine’s wedding to Chris O’Neill.

Erik Mårtensson

Photo: TT

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