Madness for living in front of the Monumental. How much does it cost?

Colo Colo’s triumph over Unión Española was marked by emotion. Mainly due to the return of the public to the Monumental, the participation of several youth and the great football moment that the cast led by Gustavo Quinteros is experiencing. Which also had, with privileged witnesses from the outskirts of the enclosure.

Minutes before the start of the game, in a neighboring building, it was possible to witness how the construction masters gathered to witness the match. Minutes later they unfolded a flag that was witnessed from all sectors of the sports venue.

The real estate project is located on the departmental avenue, in front of the ruca, with a privileged view of the field. The photos shared by the workers, on social networks, showed that a large part of the playing field can be seen from the highest floors of the construction.

The most fanatical colocolinos, immediately, began to take accounts and dream of having such a privileged view, which will undoubtedly be a headache for coaches who want to hide the formations, and even the twitterer Lucas Anriquez shared the values ​​of the colocolinas homes . “From 95 million, it costs to have an apartment with a view of the monumental stadium”, published by the fan and member of the Semillero Albo panel.

The twitterer Lucas Anriquez dared to quote the values ​​of the departments | Photo: Capture

For now, the workers will continue to have the privilege of such a desired view and are already preparing the clash to witness the next Colo Colo challenge against Antofagasta on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at the Monumental.

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