Madonna on the verge of censorship with provocative photos in lingerie and fishnet stockings

Madonna was once again the protagonist on Instagram with the publication of ten photos in which she is seen in provocative poses on a bed, wearing black lingerie, fishnet stockings and Louboutin stilettos, with her characteristic red sole.

In less than 2 hours they had already received countless likes and comments from their fans who follow her on the social network. The diva published the snapshots accompanied by the phrase “an angel taking care of me”, by the image of a cherub hanging above the bed in which it lies for the portraits.

A few weeks ago, Madonna had made the talk for a controversial production for the cover of the winter issue of V Magazine. Decades after her memorable tribute to the late diva in the video clip for her hit hit Material Girl, she posed nearly nude to emulate Marilyn’s last photoshoot before her untimely death in 1962 at age 36.

The 63-year-old singer was photographed lying on a bed wearing fishnet stockings, white gloves, a cross-shaped diamond necklace and her hair curled in Marilyn’s signature style. And another image shows prescription pill bottles stacked next to the same bed.

Photographer Steven Klein explained the vision behind this production, which was highly questioned on social media for the belief that it recreates the deathbed of Monroe, who was found lifeless at her Brentwood home from an apparent overdose of pills for to sleep. “In bad taste”, “gross and inappropriate” and “causes nausea” were some of the most replicated reactions on Twitter.

“This photo essay was inspired by a session that Marilyn Monroe did with photographer Bert Stern titled The Last Sitting,” Klein clarified to the magazine. “They did the session at the Bel Air hotel in 1962, before she passed away. What was supposed to be a three-hour session turned into a three-day whirlwind, working day and night. Drinking, laughing, taking photos, editing, sleeping and then taking more photos: a private matter between two artists that does not usually happen anymore ”, he added.

According to Klein, when she showed Madonna the Stern photos, “she was really moved by the incandescent fragility of Marilyn at that point in her life.”

“We decided to find a hotel suite and try to capture the link between a star and the camera, the mystery and magic of this creative collaboration,” said Klein. And he concluded: “We hope we have done justice to the great work of Bert Stern and Marilyn Monroe.”

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