Mafer Portugal dedicates a heartbreaking post to Tommy Portugal upon learning that he did not collect DNA evidence

Mafer Portugal was disappointed in her father.

The daughter of Tommy Portugal He used his social networks to express himself as soon as he learned that the cumbia singer did not collect the DNA test that was done a few weeks ago to confirm his paternity. how do you rememberMagaly Medina He was in charge of announcing it in the last broadcast of his program. “He has not wanted to receive them, we have his envelope, we have it here in the office,” were the words of the journalist last Monday, September 19.

The TV host did not hesitate to rant against Tommy Portugalhighlighting the lack of interest she feels in the test that was done with her daughter, because so far she has not picked up the envelope.

“In this life there are men who are not good fathers, who were not born to be fathers, who do not have enough guts to be fathers,” he said. Magaly Medina quite dismayed.

He also pointed out that so far, the DNA envelope is in his office. “He has not wanted to receive them, we have his envelope, we have it here in the office. She has been called countless times to deliver him (…) but he does not want to see them ”Magaly Medina explained in her program.

These words tremendously hurt Mafer Portugal, who did not hesitate to express it through his social network. The young woman sent a message to the singer and stressed that she never needed him and she will not need him either.

“Silence says more than all the words in the world. You weren’t even able to pick up the DNA envelope. Wow, you have no idea how it hurt me to hear about this. I never needed you, and I never will,” said Mafer Portugal.

“The tears that I shed and that I am shed never hurt you or mattered to you. I hope God fills you with blessings, you deserve it. I have no grudge against you, I hope you can rest easy with that. I don’t want to touch any more topic that has to do with you “concluded Mafer in his social network.

Mafer Portugal dedicates a heartbreaking post to her father.  Instagram
Mafer Portugal dedicates a heartbreaking post to her father. Instagram

This last September 17, Tommy Portugal He was in ‘The Big Star’ as a guest artist. Here the singer referred to her daughter, highlighting that she had been badly influenced by the Magaly Medina program, a space where the young woman told her story for the first time.

After his participation in the América TV space, he took time to give statements, where he spoke again about his first-born. The singer stressed that he hopes to talk to her later.

“She is 21, I found out when she was 13 years old. We have had a nice relationship until a little time ago a problem happened, was badly influenced by a television program that instead of uniting, disunites“, he pointed.

Tommy Portugal blames Magaly Tv: The firm for his bad relationship with his eldest daughter. | America TV.


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