Magaly and her terrible comment after the failure of Gino Assereto as a singer: “He better start an undertaking”

In the first block of Magaly TV La Firme this Thursday, the host Magaly Medina had no qualms about criticizing Gino Asseroto, who about two weeks ago premiered his new song “Blessed”, and who so far only had 5,527 views on YouTube .

“There are others who want to give it to you as singers, and it is the musical genre that is so competitive and so difficult that so many Peruvian artists have spent years investing time and money with that purpose, until now they have seen few results. But even now we don’t have a star of international stature ”, the ‘magpie’ began by saying.

He gives it with pole to Gino Assereto

“But Gino Assereto, who was a reality boy and Jazmín Pinedo’s partner, keeps trying. I say, how do you spend on videos, man hours, recording songs? That they are ultimately not commercially and monetarily productive. Apart from that, what does Gino Assereto do? You really have to tell him, after listening to his last song and seeing some of his video clips, I think you have to tell him that he better start an undertaking or return to Esto Es Guerra. His latest premiere has five thousand views in two weeks, that’s called a resounding failure, “said Magaly Medina.

At the end of the report, Magaly continued to attack Assereto, do they really do it on a professional level? Does Gino Assereto really pretend to be a recognized reggaeton singer? I think that many people have false expectations with media careers and it is very difficult when you have not started years before. It worries me. How do these guys see their future? They don’t have a job, they haven’t studied anything, what are they going to do? and they spend it making videos that they only go to see their friends, ”Magaly said bluntly.

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