Magaly calls Gisela “stingy” for buying $250 and $800 handbags: “I like fine things” | VIDEO

Magaly Medina He used several minutes of his program to express his disagreement with Gisela Valcárcel. The ATV presenter felt alluded to after she ‘La Señito’ said that she does not like to show her handbags on social networks, something that the show commentator does.

“It seems that the content of my Instagram woke up to Gisela sending a very direct hint after I showed a video buying myself a bag on Rodeo Drive. Now she comes out saying: ‘I don’t like to buy handbags with brands, but showing details yes… add something more to that undertaking and put your personal stamp, that’s the key’”Medina commented.

“It’s okay for others to crack and for me to appear shopping, but if you look at me and my social networks and how I handle it, I show even my last shoe and the last bag I have… I show everything, it’s something that I never wanted to do on television, but it is something that does make me want to do it on social networks. It is walking with the advancement of technology and fashions”he added.

Medina stressed that she likes to spend on fine things because it was always her desire since she was little: “She (by Gisela Valcárcel) says that she does not like to show off handbags or brands… She cannot be compared with another person who does not have those tastes. I love luxuries and I have never denied it. One of the things I loved the most as a little girl was the beautiful things in life and I love handbags, just like she loves collecting expensive glasses.”

“She says she doesn’t like to show off handbags and yes, of course, because she doesn’t even buy them. The ones she has, like that one from Louis Vuitton (she pointed to the screen) is one of the cheapest bags from that brand, it goes between 800 and 950 dollars. For what she has, and for what she, she could spend, that’s cheap. Suddenly, it’s not cheap for the people who are watching us at home. But for her it is cheap”he added.

Finally, Magaly had no qualms about calling Gisela “stingy”. “She doesn’t have brands, she’s not a woman who spends… that she doesn’t like expensive handbags, that’s not my problem… I like fine things and if I can afford them, I’ll pay for them. I am not petty or stingy, I am very generous. She is like that, she is stingy and she is not my problem”.

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