TROME |  Magaly criticizes Renato Tapia's statement:

Magaly criticizes Renato Tapia’s statement: “Cheap talk”

Magaly Medina used the first minutes of his program to comment on the statement issued by the footballer Renato Tapia about his unrecognized son.

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“Daniela (Castro) wants Renato Tapia to sign her son. The conciliation thing, the day of visits, the insurance and the tuition, that will be seen after he signs the son that he has already publicly recognized as his. But what does this man need? He must sign his signature, because this (your statement from him) is not a promise of anything. That’s cheap talk and doesn’t say anything.”he commented.

“With this (the statement) your son does not eat and does not go to school. With this, his son is a child without a father, even though he publicly acknowledges it.”added ‘La Urraca’ emphatically.



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