Magaly denies Giuliana’s notary’s wife and reveals chats: “That woman is a scoundrel… he brought her to my house”

Magaly Medina exploded with everything against Katerine, the notary’s wife Paul Pineda, who was supported by his investigators kissing Giuliana Rengifo despite being married to the mother of his children. The magpie regretted that the woman had spoken out saying that her program offered her money in exchange for giving them an interview, assuring that she was already separated from her when her husband dated the cumbiambera.

The driver announced that she has hundreds of chats and several hours of conversation with Paul Pineda’s wife and was encouraged to read one of the dialogues that her reporter had with her. “Sir… I trust your discretion. I ask you not to record any of our conversations so as not to have a bigger problem than I already the journalist only ‘to start’.

Magaly assured that they are generally very discreet in their program and that women often use their researchers as a “vent valve” to channel their problems. “Sometimes people are weak, manipulated by their husbands, by their children, by their bosses and for years they have been made to feel so little. There are men who have taken it upon themselves to demonstrate to their wives that they are so powerful that they can destroy them, telling them that they are going to take everything away from them and the women get scared, even being professionals, they get scared because they have not developed confidence, self-esteem, they think that It is normal to have an abusive husband, who puts the horns on them, forgives and forgives”limited the magpie.

In this sense, she assured that she is very sorry for what happened in this case, but when they question the integrity of her program and the nature of her ampays, she is forced to defend herself. ”, sentenced the driver of Magaly Tv La Firme.

Magaly Medina issued a report Tuesday on the life of Paul Richard Pineda Gavilanthe 44-year-old notary from Pucallpa who was protected by his program kissing the cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo.

According to the note, the lawyer achieved success with his Pucallpa notary’s office, which allowed him to obtain dozens of properties. He owns several rural lots, the smallest of 13 hectares and the largest of 20. In addition, he owns a Hyundai truck and four motorcycles in his place of origin, while in Lima he also has a motorcycle and an apartment with a garage in San Miguel.

Paul Pineda It has been touring the world since 2015, passing through 14 countries such as France, Holland and six months ago, Uruguay. He also enjoys family outings with his still wife, Katerine Tapia, and his three children, like the one they took in Europe last year.

Magaly Medina revealed that the botario was in the Chorrillos Military School during his youth and that Tony Rosado is his favorite singer. Even last year he hired him for the birthday of the mother of his little ones.

Finally, the magpie program indicated that Paul Pineda was intervened in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, for being drunk in a vehicle along with two other people, according to a police record.

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